Bimarco is the best known Polish sports seats manufacturer. Bimarco seats are sold not only in Poland but their quality has been appreciated by customers all over the world. The last years have shown a continuous rise in import of seats by the Polish manufacturer to several countries of the world and Europe.

Bimarco is, more importantly, the only Polish producer offering both tuning and FIA homologated seats in the country. Models such as the Bimarco Dakar, Futura or Grip can be used in any type of competition requiring FIA homologated seats, including World Championships.

What's the difference between the Bimarco products and seats of other producers on the market? Above all, we offer an individual and personal approach to each and every order. Bimarco offers seats in several colour variations and finishes in one of three materials - velour, artificial leather or leather. The range of products is huge and everyone will find something that suits their needs. Bimarco seats are able to be mounted in all types of cars - from casual ones, to rally cars, to those that drift!

The Polish manufacturer constantly works on improving their products, every year enriching their offer with new products and options. Every single one of them is well refined providing the highest level of safety and comfort in the vehicle.