Are Bimarco seats FIA certified? currently offers four FIA-approved racing seats – Grip, Futura, Dakar and Expert II. FIA certified seats are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe in the case of a collision. One of the FIA's key objectives is to encourage and implement the adoption of common regulations for all forms of motor sports and series across the world. FIA reports are published on the FIA website and updated frequently, ensuring maximum safety for the driver and everyone in the vehicle. Bimarco also offers three popular non-FIA racing seats – the Cobra, Cobra II and Hummer.

Can I use my own logo or graphic on the seat instead of the Bimarco logo?

We are happy to be able to offer you the option to add your own logo or graphic onto any Bimarco seat for a low price. When picking a seat, choose in the options whether you would like to keep the original Bimarco logo, have a logo on the top of the seat (which in turn replaces the Bimarco badge), one below the holes for the seat harness, or in both of these places. You can then choose an image to put on the seat, and save your customisations. These logos will then be printed onto the seat upholstery.

What should I do if I'm unsure what seat to purchase?

If you are unsure what seat suits your needs, you are always welcome to contact our team of experienced professionals using the information or filling out the form in the “Contact Us” tab. We will then offer you the help you require in order to help you pick a seat that might suit your needs.

How to select the appropriate seat size?

The easiest way is measuring the width of the seat you are currently using or any available seat and comparing it with the dimensions provided in descriptions of each of the products on our site. If you don't have such possibility, please contact our staff as they will be more than happy to help you. Note, that in that case, the following measurements are of utmost importance: waistline, height and weight of the seat user.

Besides selecting the appropriate size of the seat, you should also pay attention to the height of harness holes in a seat you are about to purchase. The harness holes should be visible (not covered by the user's back) when the driver is sitting in the seat, so that the seat belts can easily go over them.

Can FIA approved seats be widened?

FIA approved seats can modified with individual widths, however this will induce the loss of the FIA homologation. Bimarco seats are FIA certified, meaning that intensive tests are performed on the structure and quality of the seat. Therefore, if the structure is modified in any way, the homologation is immidietly lost. Interference with the seat's construction in any way without losing the certification is impossible. However, if this is not a problem, is able to widen any seats to fit the customer's needs. This service is priced individually.

Which type of seat mounting should I choose - side or base?

Every seat we offer is equipped with either side or base mounting openings. the choice of mounting type depends on the user's preferences. You should keep in mind though, that side mounted seats are positioned higher than base mounted ones. If you would like to mount your seat for good without the possibility of changing the distance from the steering wheel, you should side mount your seat.

Otherwise, you can install a base-mounted rail kit to allow you to move your seat further away or closer to the steering wheel with ease without adding much weight. Seats with an FIA homologation are adapted to side mounting. All universal mountings are available on and fit all Bimarco branded seats.

Universal or dedicated seat mounting?

If you would like to use mounting brackets specifically made to use in your car, look for dedicated mountings for your specific make, model and engine capacity. However, if you are unsure about which mountings to use or if you are unsure what seat you would like to purchase, then you should choose to buy universal mountings from, as they are certified to fit with all Bimarco seats. Universal mountings also tend to be cheaper than dedicated mountings, however they can be more visible or not look as good in your vehicle.

I compete in off-road - what type of seat covering should I choose?

If you compete in off-road competitions, you should definitely think about choosing a seat in artificial leather or leather. Velour is much more prone to getting dirty or drenched, therefore it will wear out much sooner. Leather and artificial leather are the easiest to clean due to their stiff structure, and are therefore highly recommended for all off-road competitions. Leather and artificial leather upholsteries are also more durable than velour, so they will last much longer.

Are second-hand seats worth buying?

Second-hand seats are definitely not recommended. Seats that you can buy on a bargain or for cheaper than the recommended price often come from post-collision cars. A seat that was involved in a collision fails to provide protection on the same level as a new seat, as the structure could be damaged making it not safe to race in.

Is there a way to replace a worn-out seat covering?

You can have the seat cover replaced by sending the seat to the address indicated in the “Contact Us” tab. The price of the replacement will be estimated individually based on the customer's demand. When sending us seat coverings, please include a note of what exactly you would like done and your contact information. This way, once we have estimated the price for your request, we can get in touch with you easier.

How long is the order's lead time?

The order's lead time depends on which variation of seat you pick. The most popular colour versions of the seats (i.e. black) are almost always in stock, therefore the time of delivery to the customer is short. When it comes to other variants or custom made seats, the time of delivery is around 7 days, depending on how complicated the order is. If you are unsure about the delivery time, please contact us using the information in the “Contact Us” tab, and we will be able to check the current availability of any products that are currently in stock.