At, you can customise your racing seat in many ways to suit your needs. All Bimarco seats offered by can be customised with a logo on the top of the seat structure or a bottom logo below the harness cut-outs, and come in three primary colours – black, red and blue. The Cobra and Cobra II can also be customised with side or bottom mountings, depending on whichever suits the customer's needs better.

We are able to offer all FIA and non-FIA seats with velour, artificial leather or leather upholstery. All of these options can be picked by the customer on the product page, and all customisation costs will be added to the final price of the product. Costs of products with customisations other than the ones offered on will be evaluated when an individual request is sent to us using the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Material of your choice!

Here on, we offer three main types of upholstery – velour, artificial leather and leather. Velour is the cheapest of the options, and comes as standard on all Bimarco racing seats, and is a plush, knitted fabric that is similar to velvet. The second option is artificial leather, which is a cheaper subtitute of leather, but shares many similarities including its leather-like finish. Artificial leather is good for racing off-road or in dirty conditions, as it is very easy to clean and maintain, whereas velour is not recommended for off-road racing. The main advantage of artificial leather is that it is similar to natural leather, but is much cheaper. Leather on the other side, is the most durable of the three materials, is easy to clean and maintain, and looks exceptionally great on all seats.

  • VelourVelour
  • Artificial LeatherArtificial Leather
  • LeatherLeather