Bimarco Matrix seat

Bimarco Matrix seat


Large bucket seat with FIA homologation.

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Bimarco Matrix is a modern bucket seat that is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. This seat has been designed for larger drivers who require the highest level of safety and comfort during intense competition on the track.

Matrix is equipped with FIA homologation, which means that it meets the highest safety standards set by the International Automobile Federation. This is a guarantee that the seat has been thoroughly tested and meets the requirements for impact resistance and protection against damage during accidents.

The Bimarco Matrix seat has the characteristic "ears" that provide additional support for the head and protection in the event of a side collision. These ears are properly profiled, which provides even greater comfort and safety while driving.

The construction of the Matrix chair is solid and durable, ensuring long-term durability. The upholstery is comfortable and wear-resistant, which makes the seat not only safe, but also comfortable even during longer sessions on the track.

Bimarco Matrix is a seat that not only meets the highest safety standards, but also provides comfort and support during intense driving on the track. Thanks to its professional appearance and durable construction, it is an excellent choice for demanding rally drivers who are looking for a seat with the highest level of quality and safety.

Side fixing with M8 screws, 290 mm apart.



FIA Homologation 8855-1999

Very good finish and stiffness

Belt guides x5

M8 side mounting holes

Removable cushions: back, seat, legs

Chair weight: 10 kg

Intended for drivers weighing over 80 kg, height 180-195 cm.


Data sheet

9.8 kg
FIA Standard
4 and 6 point