Bimarco Cobra Pro OFFROAD FIA seat

Bimarco Cobra Pro OFFROAD FIA seat


Universal offroad seat with FIA homologation.

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New proposition for off-road adventure enthusiasts: the Bimarco Cobra Pro FIA 2023 bucket seat in a special OFFROAD version.

This innovative product will surely attract the attention of anyone looking for durability and comfort while driving.

The seat's body is made of fiberglass and resin composite using the RTM technological process. As a result, the Bimarco Cobra Pro FIA 2023 ensures durability and resistance to damage, which is crucial during off-road escapades.

But the body isn't everything! The seat cushions are made of a unique synthetic rubber - EPDM. Why is this important? EPDM is excellent at handling moisture and is resistant to various contaminants, including oils. Therefore, even after intensive driving in challenging conditions, the seat will look like new.

What distinguishes this seat from others is its compact size. It will fit perfectly in most off-road vehicles and UTVs. Moreover, its design lacks traditional upholstery, making cleaning it extremely simple. A few moments under running water and the seat is ready for action again!

Considering a new seat for your off-roader? The Bimarco Cobra Pro OFFROAD is a choice that will undoubtedly meet your expectations.


FIA Homologation 8855-1999
Dimensions: see photos
Very good finish and guaranteed stiffness
5 passages for the harness
Side mounts (not included)
4 screws included
Verified car seat weight: 8.48 kg / 18.67 lbs
Designed for drivers 85-105 kg.
Center distance side to side: 400 mm


Data sheet

9.3 kg
FIA Standard
4 and 6 point